Practice Group

Every morning, for one-hundred mornings, join MasterJim Nance in the Spring Forest Qigong

5-Element Healing Movements.

"My primary motivation for signing up for this practice group was to find the structure to help me build and maintain consistency in my practice, and to open my heart more to the Divine. I have gotten all that and so much more. In sharing his wisdom Master Jim Nance points out different ways of looking at the lessons we’ve learned from Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong.  It’s a very rich experience to dive into these fresh thoughts and discover how much guidance they offer." -Liz

Interested? Let us know

Upcoming start date: Sept. 10th

9-10 am (central time) via LIVE teleseminar with Master Jim Nance

The Morning Schedule:

  • 9:00- Activating Qi warm-up

  • 9:10- Moving the Yin and Yang

  • 9:15- Breathing the Universe

  • 9:20- Connecting Heaven and Earth

  • 9:25- Connecting with Your Body's Energy

  • 9:30- Connecting with Your Heart's Energy

  • 9:35- Harvesting the Qi

  • 9:40- Begin Meditation

  • 9:55- End meditation + Harvesting Qi

  • 10:00- End of session

"Master Chunyi Lin's contribution is truly significant; centuries of dedication and sacrifice by all of the teachers and masters who came before are behind this beautiful offering." -Master Jim Nance

Option 1: 5-elements practice group every day for 100 days 

Total cost for 100 Days: $500

Option 2: 5-elements practice group + 6 remote healing sessions

Total cost for Healing + Practice Group: $1,000

            [ Payment plan available upon request ]






We are so pleased and so honored to be with this practice group each morning; we would love if you would join us!


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