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the multiportal surgery is performed as soon as possible within several hours after the fractures are diagnosed. it is easier to perform the procedure than with the conventional methods. in the case of multilevel fractures, the reduction and fixation of more than one level are completed at the same time. furthermore, it is possible to perform anterior and posterior surgeries using the two portals. therefore, we try to ensure the quality of the surgical approach even in the case of difficult conditions.

delphi 2014 3 keygen 29

2. objective of the ds150 software > surgical approach to damaged disc and annulus, correction of the damaged vertebral body and decompression of the dura, and decompression of the injured nerve root and spinal cord. > correction of the intervertebral space, and reconstruction of the damaged end plate and cartilage. > correction of the kyphotic deformity, and elimination of the risk of the damaged vertebral body. > correction of the deformity of the osteoporotic vertebral body and fixation of the same. > minimally invasive and less damage to the normal spinal tissue, and an atraumatic surgery environment. > negligible surgical trauma and rapid recovery. > mini-invasive, less pain, effective and long-lasting correction.

3. operation process and method of performance. > diag. of the front end vertebral column. > place the marked external or internal paramedical pressure on the spinal cord. > the longer the spinal canal is pressed, the more decompression. > select proper scope and tools. > insert a scope through the first portal, decompress the disc and annulus, and separate the dura from the spinal cord. > keep up the fluid and check the spinal cord. > in case of broken disc or annulus, show them to the expert, and make an appropriate surgical plan. > in case of confirmed lesion, reduce and fix the broken vertebral column. > remove the scope and take out the first tool through the same portal, and continue the surgery. > in case of severe extrusion of the disc or annulus, keep in mind the relationship between the scope and the spinal cord. > in case of spinal canal stenosis, correct the deformity of the vertebral body and make full decompression. > in case of the intervertebral disc herniation, perform the intervertebral distraction. > in case of nerve root compression, perform the removal of the posterior part of the intervertebral disc and decompression of the root. > in case of symptomatic myeloradiculitis, perform the posterior decompression of the nerve root. > in case of spinal canal stenosis, perform the decompression of the spinal canal. > in case of neural foraminal stenosis, perform the decompression of the neural foramen.


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