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Guiding Qi

A science of perception



"We do not have ideas. Rather, ideas come through us." -Master Jim Nance


Have you ever felt stuck, like you just did not know which way to turn? And then maybe you pause for a moment, take a few deep breathes... and seemingly out of nowhere, the answer pops up! We have all had this experience in our lives, most likely many times. This sometimes small, inner voice is at the essence of Guiding Qi. How can we find a way to hear that voice all of the time?


There are so many things in life that we don't have to think about. How is it that we look like our ancestors? What tells our hearts to beat? What tells our bodies how to digest food? This is energy (Qi) at work. This energy is intelligent. It knows exactly where it's going, how it's getting there, and exactly what it needs to do once it gets there. This energy offers to support us at each and every moment. Its intelligence is intertwined in our lives, yet we make the mistake of feeling separate.


Can we become closer in connection with this guiding energy? Is it possible to build a relationship with this great intelligence?


The answer is YES!


We don't just walk into our destinations, we are lead to them. The more we are able to look at our life from this vantage, the more we are able to see how we have been guided all along. Through this acknowledgment, a connection is made, and through this connection comes a unique line of communication. Some may call it unconditional love, some call it the  Divine, some the universe. For the purpose of helping people to comprehend this language, we call it Guiding Qi.


Many years ago, Master Jim Nance was in a near fatal accident when the car he was riding in spun out into middle of the highway. Just moments before though, a clear voice said to him, “ Lean forward, everything is going to be alright.” And that is just what he did. As he tucked his head down, he was catapulted through the passenger side door, bending the frame, and landing thirty feet away in the center of the road. He had only one scratch--on his thumb. Since the day of this event, Jim began his search for a connection to that voice which had the information that saved his life.


"Working with Master Nance through the Guiding Qi sessions has been tremendously valuable to my spiritual journey and understanding of energy, information and intelligence. The more I test and apply the concepts Master Nance teaches during our talks, the more I find myself reaching deep states of peace, hope and joy. It was a major shift in perspective for me to realize the difference between intellect and intelligence and develop my ability to use my relationship with the divine to discover new possibilities and perspectives in life. It is an honor to work with a teacher who has devoted such an immense amount of his life to learning about Qi and taking the deep understanding he has developed and applied it to help and heal others.

I have gained a deeper understanding of my mind, body, emotions, and spirit through the Guiding Qi sessions and find my compassion for others and myself growing as my heart opens. For me personally, the more I work with the concepts taught in Guiding Qi, the more I understand what is meant by the phrase “We are love at our core.”-Mike



The focus is not on the individual pieces of the puzzle, but rather the sum of its parts. Instead of focusing on life's traumas, Guiding Qi focuses on the intelligence that is always at work leading you to the answers you have received throughout life. This leaves the door open for an opportunity to view the past with a fresh perspective, one filled with enthusiasm for the guidance experienced along the way. With this knowledge, an ongoing relationship can be forged. Learn to make choices that lead you to where you want to go in your life. The beauty of the Guiding Qi process is that it is tailor-made to fit the needs of the individual. The goal of the student of Guiding Qi is to be able to access this resource at all times.


“When you breathe life into something; something breathes life into you.”

-Master Jim Nance



A facilitator of Guiding Qi points in the direction that gives the student an opportunity to find their own destination and to witness the profound shift in attitude that occurs once they realize that this intelligence has been at work since the day they were born. Through meditation, exercises, observing the subject matter, and examination of life experience, students gain awareness of how Guiding Qi principals enhance the quality of life.


"I am like a first grader the first day of class. I stand, both nervous and anxious, at the threshold of the doorway waiting for the class to begin. A large, warm hand reaches out and envelopes mine, a jovial laugh relaxes me, a radiant smile welcomes me. I step through the open door into a new world of wonder, magic, miracles, and infinite possibilities. I play, learn, laugh, expand, discover, and explore. I am a child again but I am also an ancient and wise soul awakening. This is the best way I can describe Master Jim Nance's Guiding Qi classes. I am grateful for and awed by the opportunities offered. It is a joy and a great privilege to participate in these classes." -Nancy




A stronger connection with the Divine, or this guiding energy (Qi), is what is cultivated through the practice of Guiding Qi. From this comes a new understanding of yourself as an energetic being.


  • Learn and practice Spontaneous Qigong

  • Discover the consciousness of your inner organs

  • Explore 'energetic detecting' and how it applies in day-to-day life

  • Learn powerful new meditations


Because a new kind of relationship is being cultivated through Guiding Qi,  a new language, a new literacy is coming to life. Learn how to speak; learn how to ask; learn how to listen in this new language, and finally, learn how to be the personification of this language in the world. And this language is wonderfully and uniquely yours!


The individual following the process of Guiding Qi seeks to get closer and closer to that guidance. It knows how to respond to you perfectly on every subject matter you may present. The more practice you have, the greater the speed in the response, and the greater the accuracy of that response. You can gain information, and quickly, in any area you seek to explore.


The process is simple, yet the outcome is profound. As one reviews their journey they may find that they have a completely changed way of life.

Find out more about the Guiding Qi Study Courses here.



"I have searched and prayed over 30 years for the healing of my body, mind and spirit.  Guiding Qi, facilitated by Master Nance has finally helped me to let go of unnecessary suffering.  I am now learning how to look at life with a flexible mind and experience the gifts of happiness, joy, peace, gratitude and thankfulness.  My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are improving daily and I am simply a beginner!" -Denise


"Through Guiding Qi, I've learned to experience the world as an energetic being and to live a guided life with the Divine. It has been a real joy to explore the essence of my Being through the tools given to me my Master Nance. I am so grateful to him and his program, which I feel captures the essence of spirituality, not just Qigong. The course helps students achieve spiritual health, a big part of which is creating a new perspective with which to see the world. Slowly, you will feel you are living with the constant guidance of a benevolent force, which you might call your Higher Self. Aspects of your experience will open up in ways you had never expected. It is teaching a new literacy to students, and the class was a real revelation for me." - Sebastien


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