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august 2018

You are in my hand,

I am in yours.

We always walk along the side roads,

making a long way short,

hand in hand,

to return home.



"Beatrix" by Naomi Nance

you can see more at her website here.


Dear Readers,


We are so delighted to bring forth the second edition of LIVING.  This time around, we are honored to feature the work of Master Jaci Gran, whom many of you know through Spring Forest Qigong. But who knew she creates gigantic paintings, worlds of mist and smoke, worlds upon worlds?

I have discovered many moments of sheer joy and playfulness in piecing this collaboration together. Thank you all; Nancy for your heart-of-a-child, Sebastien for your words that "make a way", Sue for your earthmoving honesty, Hannah for the experiences that bright Light, and to all who read this and recognize one tiny spark of love in a single cell which is oneself calling out to oneself. 


-Naomi Joy and Jim Nance



“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”-Dr. Suess


The Art Of jaci gran

“When one views the artwork of Jacqueline Gran, the translucent nature of the subconscious mind's influence on the presence of a spiritual experience cannot be denied.

She has tapped into a cross-cultural experience made up of an integration of color, form, spirit, culture, gender, and species.

Furthermore, Jaci’s extraordinary work expresses her deeper awareness of eastern sensitivities as she links them to a native western recognition that holds the sacred in all things as a paramount part of their existence in this dimension.

 Finally, with an even deeper observation of her work it is easily seen, the bond that binds life with life moving from one form into the next.  One leaves a viewing of her work with the understanding that we are much much more than we appear to be.”

-Master Jim Nance

Jaci Gran is a Spring Forest Qigong Master and Artist, creating from her studio in Lower Town St Paul, MN. She has shown her pieces worldwide and continues to work with visual art and practice Qigong. You can see more art here at her website.

img_0367Jaci photo.jpg

Photo by Victor Bloomfield

Microscope photo of a feather by

Zach Huberty

I am a heart cell.

I beat in synch and rhythm

With the Universe.


I am a feather

Suspended in a sunbeam

Just above green earth.


          Sometimes as I take my Qigong walk I come across the treasure of a single feather lying in my path.

What are the attributes of a feather?  Now please realize that it would never have occurred to me to ask this question without the Guiding Qi lessons of Master Jim Nance.

So what are the attributes of a feather?

A feather is almost weightless.

A feather is made of parts that come together in the engineering brilliance of a greater whole.

Each feather combines with many others to form an important part of an even greater whole.- Nancy Havera

Dear Master Nance,

Thank you for this opportunity to listen to your teachings. You asked for feedback from us regarding the exercise. I have to say, I did not really understand what you meant for us to do, I didn’t get wearing the body like a mask and I wasn’t clear what to do on the paper. I will listen again and I feel it will be clearer today. But what was interesting is this morning I was describing the exercise to my client. As I was describing a really rough summary of what I wasn’t clear about, I was acting like I was putting my pencil on a piece of paper, and coolness came up my arm through my shoulder then moved throughout my entire right side of my body and organs! Then I texted a qigong friend to tell her that (we were both on your call), and it got even stronger. Then she responded that she could feel it too, and it got EVEN stronger, through my hips, torso and entire body. It is getting stronger still as I write this. 

Fascinating. I am assuming we are teaching our cells that they can be anything..


Much gratitude and blessings!



Sue Crites MSc, NCP
Holistic Healing and Qigong
Online and distance programs
Healing through breath, balance, and purpose


"New York" by Jim Nance


By Master Jim Nance

Excerpt from the Live Guiding Qi Talk "Are You There?" Transcribed and edited by N.J.Nance

Hard thoughts, soft thoughts, thoughts in order to solve a problem, thoughts to perform extremely well, thoughts that grow out of anxiety, thoughts that grow out of a daydream, or a thought that’s like a gentle caress on the mind; it lets itself flow freely, without intense direction on the part of the thinker. Too much hard thinking leads to blockages; too much soft thought can also lead to blockages. Balance became the important aspect of this process. The best way to discover this balance was to discover what the primary ingredient was to what I what I experienced within my thoughts. What was the essential energy that made up my thoughts? I asked for the information that was needed in order to understand the essential energy of thoughts. The answer I got was- ‘the energy and intelligence of the Divine is the essence of thought’.  I learned that no matter what thought came to me, I could always direct to my attention to the experience of Divine energy within that thought. No matter what you think; even if you have thoughts you are trying to hide from everyone else; the fears, the major concerns, the anger, the upset, everything, every single thing that comes through your mind from all of these dimensions; they are made of essence energy and essence intelligence of a Divine nature, an intelligence that reaches beyond time, an intelligence that reaches beyond our ability to perceive all that’s going on, and also an intelligence that is embracing us as we think the things we think, as we experience what we experience. As a result, we are able to understand that when we choose to ignore this connection that we have with this ‘essence’ energy, this energy that we have within each and every thought, each and every visualization; when we choose to ignore that unity, we are choosing to allow ourselves to choose ignorance of the fact that we are connected to all things. So, when we are experiencing the sensation of being “down and out”, or “nobody’s with me”, or “I am Mr. Wonderful”, or “Life is unfair to me”, or “The flower in the photo is exquisite”; no matter what you see; what you think; it’s all made up of the essence energy of the Divine.

            The repeated embrace initiates a mutual embrace, in which the experience of the Divine, or of the Divine’s presence is in everything you experience; just like air. When this takes place; when you experience a mutual embrace; and you experience this presence in your life, just like air, your heart is open. Embrace your thoughts like good medicine. Think your way into good health and a wonderful connection to the world.

To download/purchase the

teleseminar- "Are You There?"


By Naomi Joy Nance

Once I built a house. But, before I built this house there was another house that stood in its place. This old house gave us many things. It gave us dreams, which became the fuel, which became the action. But, as we took a closer look we began to see all of the rot. Rot in the walls, outside and then in, a dark fuzziness. So, we tore at the walls, taking them all down. And then the floors. Rot. Before too long all that remained standing were a few posts; old grey logs, upright in the formation of a house. I said, “Well, at least we have these”, as I patted one of the posts, like an old pal. Then, with a creak and a groan, it fell right over. Soon, nothing was left of the old shack. Dreams, though, like a fine and resilient dust, still lingered. But then, after all else was gone, there sat this shell of an old trailer; a rusted frame and two flat tires sinking in the mud. The trailer had been incorporated into the original structure.


Now, this trailer must have had a very strong idea of who it was, and a strong attachment to its place right there, right where the future shack would be built. This trailer's conviction was so strong, that the new builders of the house (including myself) were also so thoroughly convinced, against all sound judgment, to begin the new project, the new house, with this old, beaten, and crooked trailer; leaving it right where it was. It became the cornerstone.


Now, I don’t know if you have had experience in building something out of wood. I, at this point, had had very little. But, what I know now is that if you build a structure, and the base of that structure is at all crooked (meaning not at right angles), the entire structure and every single cut you make, every single angle and side will need to be measured and calculated individually. What does this mean? It means the house is like a jig-saw puzzle, and sometimes it is only by love, sweat, dreams, and magic that the pieces happen to come together! But, slowly and between many choice words and prayers that sounded more like pleading; somewhere in the music between regret and the golden future- the shack ‘happened’ to come together.


Our house is a very very very fine house.


What makes a home? What if our home is not something outside of ourselves?


When strong winds blow, when rain, hail, pelts the roof, as water rushes across the ground- the house stays. It is there, standing still, it is waiting, and it is not waiting.


What makes a strong home? If our home is here within ourselves, what is the strong foundation within? What keeps that foundation solid? What is it that provides for this strong base, to come back to; in which the home of ourselves rests upon?

Today, in meditation I was at a point of feeling a lot of intense sensation. When this happens, I find that the best way is to remain absolutely still. Sometimes, I just say to my body- “stillness”. Today when I did this it seemed as if there was a storm raging and moving all around me, wind and needles, gusts and blows. But there I was, solid. Me the house. Stillness. As I went deeper, a helper stepped in. And its name was Gratitude. I hung onto gratitude like a life raft in the stormy sea! And as I stayed with Gratitude, a great calmness flooded in. And I found that all of this was rooted and surrounded by a steady feeling of trust. I found that when I stayed with my focus on trust, trust in the Divine, in the greatness of the universe, I felt safe. Ah Ha! So this is what it means to be at home!


Gratitude is a glowing seed. As the seed expands, I enter into a city named Calm. At the base of the city, in which all reside, there is the constant, there is steady; it is called Trust.


Gratitude. Calm. Trust.


Here, I found, is where my true ‘home’ is made. And here resides the always companions- comfort, protection, peace, stability, and room to be who you are.

bookcover photo2.jpg

Now Available!


A true tale, as told by Qigong Master Jim Nance

Written and Illustrated by N.J.Nance

For children, teachers, and healers

Softcover, 8.5x11, 66 pages, Full color- $10.99

Become a turtle.
Move and breathe mindfully, 
Quiet as a stone. 



A number of my friends retired this year and they each got a rock turtle with a haiku. This is part of a tradition I established for graduating students. Retirement is a type of graduation. 

-Nancy Havera

[These notes were sent to Master Nance from Hannah after the Live Teleseminar "A Way Out of No Way"]

Jim Nance's call and meditation on the intelligence that creates the universe 

First meditation:

I was 3 yrs. Pure Joy. Colorful Flowers everywhere and abundant green  plants gorgeous waterfalls with healing waters. Happiness peace harmony kindness was all around this glorious universe 

Second meditation:
There is a  healing Temple of Light.  So very beautiful.

An Extraordinary universe Golden all around.
Available to us to bring individuals to for healing. 
Saw myself as a Light being.
Standing tall, flooded with light. I was told by beings there that I can bring others there for healing and that I bring this Light with me wherever I go. Wherever I am, this light pervades the universe. 

So beautiful so golden
So healing peaceful
Happy joyful goodness 
There. Realized this is the universe, 
this intelligence is creating,
It is Good. 
Then had Realization:
(Others may be in a different space with a different perception of this creative intelligence, it is all ok. It is their process in this Circle of Light). It is All Good. 

Thank you for reading about this experience. 
Not really sure what to make of this. As with all of your calls, it seems I listen with a different ear.  And although the lectures are always interesting and curious,
Something always comes forward.

With gratitude, 

Thank You!

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