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If You Are There, So Is Your Love

What does love feel like?

Look at someone, something, or somewhere that you love. You know where to look. You know it without a doubt.

Look at it. Really look at it with love.

You can say, "I sure do love you."

Now imagine you are seeing yourself sitting right in front of you. Look at yourself with that same love that you felt for that someone or something, or somewhere you love.

Feel your body vibrating. Feel yourself as an energetic being. Take the time to feel it. If you can remain still enough, you will feel how your love feels.

You can practice this daily, hourly, or minute by minute, if you have the time.

You will begin to feel it every time you look anywhere, at anything. Because you are everywhere and in everything you see.

If you are there, so is your love.

Send this love anywhere and at anything you can; before you know it, everything you are sending this love to will send love back to you. In everywhere you place that love, you will realize that YOU are in all of those things, all of the time. This is why I say-

Do good things; think good thoughts,

Someone heals

Do bad things; think bad thoughts,

Someone hurts.

Before we do what we do,

We must imagine the impact,

The higher you grow spiritually,

Take care,

The higher you grow,

The lower you bow,

Take care.

*These words are an excerpt from a live Guiding Qi Talk titled "New Mind" given on 2/21/19

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