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From the Master of Qi conference...

I gave a presentation recently at Spring Forest Qigong's "Master of Qi" annual conference. After, I received a request that I make this list available for all to see-- so here it is. These are some things that came to me, some important lessons that I have learned throughout these years and in working with SFQ.

  • Call on Divine Wisdom to show us how to push for something wonderful, not at the expense of someone else's perspective. There are many trees in the forest.

  • Hope is a state of mind that can lead to an extraordinary transformation through selfless acts of service.

  • True progress leads to healing the loss of a clearly Divine presence in perspective.

  • Learn that listening is nurtured through one's ability to wait.

  • Every cry, every wish, vision, and question is a prayer, and all prayers are answered.

  • There is an intelligence out there and in your heart that owes you nothing but gives you everything.

  • Listening outside of understanding is one of the best skills we can learn to cultivate.

  • Heal your spirit, improve your life, improve your future.

  • Forgiveness is a skill.

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Thank you for posting these profound lessons. A frequent review leads to deep meditaitons and to more lessons. It's a gift that keeps on giving. You help us all so much as we strive to radiate love and joy and gratitude into this lifetime and beyond. Nancy Havera 🦋🦋🦋

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