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Yourself is Everywhere

I've been exploring the gift of the 5-Element Healing Movements that Chunyi Lin has offered in his incredible journey to the place we are now with this work. I have found that- in gratitude, you are actually giving thanks to yourself, and you begin to realize that yourself is everywhere.You can't exist without unconditional love. So when you are giving thanks to unconditional love you are giving thanks to yourself and you realize that not only is it a thank you for the opportunity to have the experience, but it is a thank you for the moment when you will receive the answer. All questions, all prayers, all cries are answered in a way that will benefit us most.

See the light, ask for direction. Say thank you, over and over again, slowly. The answer will come. See the light, ask for direction. The answer is there. All the answers are there.

If you choose to live life that points you in a certain direction, stay focused. Stay focused.Unconditional love is always with us. Keep praying for everyone. Keep giving thanks for everything that you experience. Keep trusting that the answer you need will walk into your life. It could be through a color, or a smile, or through a drop of rain.

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Nancy Havera
Nancy Havera
May 14, 2021

Beautifully expressed and also very comforting. Thank you so much!


Eric Robins
May 03, 2020

Beautiful and profound words Master Nance. Thank you

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