Medical Qigong

With Master Jim Nance


When there are any blockages within the energetic system of the body, one may experience pain, illness, or even disease. It is the goal of the medical Qigong practitioner to help the client move these energetic blockages from the body. When the flow of qi (energy) is moving fluidly throughout the body, one is able to return to an optimal state of health.


Master Jim Nance became a Spring Forest Qigong Master in 2005. With over twenty years of dedicated practice and professional Qigong healing and teaching experience, he is committed to helping others develop their own capacity to heal, and has been honored to work with people from all around the world.


To schedule a healing, review the options below.

If you need further assistance, please contact us and we'll be glad to help. 


Phone Consultation and Healing

This is a 20-minute healing session that takes place over the phone with Master Nance.

A discussion addressing the clients concerns is followed by Qigong (distance) healing.



20 minutes over the phone: $120

Remote Healing and Assessment

 For this type of healing, simply send a name and age, describe the concern, and choose a day you would like the healing work to take place. We will then send you a confirmation along with a payment invoice. Master Nance will work with the client (from a distance) on your day of choice. The following day a written (e-mail) assessment will be sent, along with further recommendations. 


Remote Healing: $95

Monthly Healing Subscription

For those who wish to have healing sessions over a longer period of time, this option is available.

Clients will be automatically billed each month for 4 remote healing sessions (including assessment).

A 15% discount is included in the price. 

Total cost per month: $232


What is Qi?

The intelligence that gives energy and information its essential structure is called Qi. Qi is everything, and influences everything within and around us. 

Our regular interaction with Qi takes place throughout the entire spectrum of one’s consciousness. The mere fact that human beings have the ability to consciously interact with this intelligence, while also being aware of this ability, conveys the vast potential within this spectrum.  The eminent physicist John Wheeler interpreted the principles of quantum mechanics to promote the idea that the observatory function of consciousness has a direct effect on the form and structure of what is being observed. Wheeler believed that we are living in what he called a participatory universe in which the spectrum of consciousness operates as an interactive contributor to the ongoing creation and development of the physical universe.

If any of this is true, if Einstein was right about energy, if Wheeler was right about the participation of the observer and the observed, if physicists like Jacob D. Bekenstein are correct in stating that information is even more fundamental to the structure of the universe then energy, if there is such a thing called Qi, and if Qi does interact with the spectrum of consciousness on a regular basis, then there simply must be a way for one to consciously work with Qi in a consistent manner to improve the overall quality of one’s life. Thankfully, there is.  This working relationship is called Qigong.

What is Qigong?

Established by Taoist scholar-practitioners thousands of years ago, Qigong was founded as a science of energy, and remains an active science today.  Qigong is typically presented as a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that integrates meditation, movement, breath, and sound to enhance the flow of Qi through the meridian channels of a system.  Within these channels flows the energy that directly influences the biology of a system.  Qigong is a conscious process of clearing any blockages within these channels to enhance, retain, or restore the flow of Qi. 

Seen as a complement to Western medicine, the practice of Qigong has been shown to improve athletic performance, relieve acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, reduce stress and anxiety, and even aid in the creation of a more conducive environment.  Qigong has been practiced by people from a variety of cultures and traditions, and continues to be practiced by millions of people all over the world.


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