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We all have the opportunity to step into a new way of looking at our lives. When we change the way we look at our past, present, and future, we change the way we navigate ourselves in the world today and the world changes in the way it sees and responds to us.


Through guided meditations, exercises, and thought strategies designed uniquely for you, go deeper into understanding yourself as an energetic being and manifest a higher quality of life.



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Guiding Qi 'One-On-One'

Approaching the Divine: 

Master Jim Nance offers serious students the opportunity to spend time learning one on one. Through consultation, exercises, lectures, and guided meditation students learn about who they are as an energetic being. 


  • Explore objective viewing

  • Learn new meditations

  • Discover the 'guidance' in your life

  • Understand your life story in a new way

  • Learn how to ask questions and how to receive answers from the universe


For a total of 8 weeks (per level), students work one-on-one with Master Jim Nance for one hour per week over the phone. Meditations, exercises, and individually tailored assignments and meditations will be given to students, as well as a recording of each class. This course, the topics involved and the pace is determined by the students' needs and readiness, making each course is completely unique.


Total length per level: 8 weeks

Total number of classes: 8

Time for each class: 1 hour

Total cost: $1,000

(payment plan available upon request)

Spring Forest Qigong


Practice Group

Cultivate your healthy life starting now! Make way for more happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and gratitude. We have created this program in order to help those who wish to build a strong, regular practice with the Spring Forest Qigong 5-elements healing movements.

Every morning the active exercises will be led by Master Jim Nance (via teleconference call) and followed by a short meditation. 

Before starting the class, all participants must have prior experience/knowledge of the SFQ 5-elements movements (because this is not a 'visual' learning course) DVD learning course available here.

Next session starts: May 3rd

Time: 9am-10am (central standard)

Can't make every class time? It's ok- a recording will be available to you.

This service is designed as a supplementary tool for Spring Forest Qigong practitioners, teachers, healers, and professionals. Master Nance's vast knowledge of the body's energetic system, with over 20 years of professional experience, can help bring a serious practitioner to a deeper understanding of healing and Qigong at a spiritual as well as physical level.


Persons wishing to pursue this mentorship need to have prior experience and demonstrate an active dedication to the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.



One Session:  $150 (one hour)

Two Sessions: $285

8-Sessions: $ 1,000


Included is a digital recording of each session.


Please contact us if you are interested and we will send an application form.

Mentor With A Master

For Medical Qigong in Practice

Study Courses: Service

"Through Guiding Qi, I've learned to experience the world as an energetic being and to live a guided life with the Divine. It has been a real joy to explore the essence of my Being through the tools given to me my Master Nance. I am so grateful to him and his program, which I feel captures the essence of spirituality, not just Qigong. The course helps students achieve spiritual health, a big part of which is creating a new perspective with which to see the world. Slowly, you will feel you are living with the constant guidance of a benevolent force, which you might call your Higher Self. Aspects of your experience will open up in ways you had never expected. It is teaching a new literacy to students, and the class was a real revelation for me." - Sebastien

“Working with Master Nance through the Guiding Qi sessions has been tremendously valuable to my spiritual journey and understanding of energy, information and intelligence. The more I test and apply the concepts Master Nance teaches during our talks, the more I find myself reaching deep states of peace, hope and joy. It was a major shift in perspective for me to realize the difference between intellect and intelligence and develop my ability to use my relationship with the divine to discover new possibilities and perspectives in life. It is an honor to work with a teacher who has devoted such an immense amount of his life to learning about Qi and taking the deep understanding he has developed and applying it to help and heal others."-Mike


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