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Guiding Qi


May 2018

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A picture book for children, teachers, and healers.

Jim and the Ants

A true story, as told by Qigong Master Jim Nance

Written and Illustrated by N.J.Nance

"We are all here, big and small, to learn from each other through the gifts of curiosity, love, and healing." -Master Jim Nance

 Dear Master Nance,


In 2013 you worked with my Tanzi, a black tortoise-shell cat. She had lymphoma. We worked once a week for several months. I would hold the phone to her ear so she could hear your voice. As you worked with her, she purred. Her last session happened as I held her in my arms. She died just an hour before you called. Your healing with Tanzi extended to me and my daughter. Tonight when you had us put a mark on a piece of paper, I closed my eyes and drew. When I opened my eyes and saw it, I saw a simple unbroken line that at first, I thought was heart-like. But when you asked us to hold the paper, I held the center of this shape with a thumb on top and my fingers on the bottom. I felt an energy move, not just from my arm to the paper, but back again. And instead of paper, I once more held Tanzi's silky soft paw. Perhaps your voice triggered the memory, but this most powerful visualization filled me with gratitude for her love and I cried, tears of sadness turned to those of joy. I was filled with her sweet spirit once more, joined by the spirits of my three golden retrievers, Toby, Tillie, and Samwise. Safe, protected, and love describes what I experienced as I held them all close in my heart. When you guided us in the Blue Line Meditation (if I heard you correctly) the connection with these lovely companions was not broken. I whispered 'Know me and me you' and asked for help to open to life fully, it's joys, sadness, struggles and triumphs, and for me to bring confidence and strength to the tasks and activities that lay in the present moment and the ones to come. Thank you, Pam

Know me to know you,

See me being completely happy,

completely successful in what I do,

completely healthy, see me being a complete empty vessel,

allowing your intelligence to flow through me,

completely trusting,

completely content,

completely loving,

completely grateful,

completely full of extraordinary joy,

and unavailable to energy that can stop me from being all of these things,

if I am blocked in any of these areas I ask that you see me as unblocked. Master Jim Nance

The Mississippi River sang a lullaby through the night, and Naomi woke to the sound of water gently lapping the sides of the houseboat, like thousands of soft fingers. As the morning barely began its dialog with the river, she discovered a tiny, emerald green hummingbird. It lay on the floor and was so weak it could hardly move. Sugar-water said a voice of guidance. She promptly made some. In awe and delight, she watched as the bird dipped its needle-size beak into the glass. A pink sliver-of-a-tongue darted in and out, as it silently drank. As she sat looking out at the river, she sent healing energy to the hummingbird while holding it delicately in her hand. When the time was right, she took it to the island and set it down on the ground. Still, it could not fly. Something seemed to be wrong, its wing was frayed like an old cloth. For a few moments, Naomi just sat and watched, wondering what she could do to help. Then the tiny bird reached back with its beak and started trying to rip out the damaged feathers on its wing. As it did this, she noticed how the bird had such great focus, such power, and ferocity of intention! It was almost frightening, this little creature was transforming into a great beast right before her eyes!  As the hummingbird tore at its own feathers, it roared:"I am going to do what needs to be done!" So, she began to help the bird in its mission to discard of the broken and mangled wing feathers. The feathers were so tiny! She imagined with her fingers had lazer-like precision and carefully went about the task. After they had finished cleaning up the wing, it tried again to fly. Still, it could not get off of the ground. With a sigh, Naomi took the hummingbird into her hands. She offered it a little more sugar water, and she did a little more Qigong healing.  Then she decided to put the bird in a box and take it home with her. The green of the forest and a cool melancholy accompanied her as she walked away from the riverboat, box in hand. As she headed toward her car, suddenly, she heard a fluttering sound, and then bzzzzzz! A flash of green shot toward the sky! There, sitting on a high tree branch was the hummingbird, looking down, as regal as a king! It was "completely healed!"


When she got back home she told this story to Master Jim Nance. He said, “Now it’s time to write the book.”

The Story Before the Story


Applied lessons from the master:


  Master Nance taught me an exercise in walking mindfully.  His instructions were to “Allow the intelligence of the activity to teach you how to be intelligent in the activity.”  I walk slowly and breathe deeply.


On one walk, this haiku presents itself to me:

Walk, then run, then fly.

Spread great wings in splendid flight,

High into the sky.


The wisdom and energy of the words become a meditation filled with many gifts.  The gift of happiness leads me to celebrate--with my “happy wonder child”--imagination, play, and discovery.  The gift of joy lifts me up in absolute freedom and liberation as burdens are discarded and blockages are released.  The gift of peace fills every molecule-that-I-am with grounding in the present moment.  The gift of contentment reveals that the Divine is always with me so that the possibilities of what I CAN do become limitless through smiling, loving, praying, learning, healing, helping, breathing, flying….  The gift of gratitude awakens me to the richness of abundance and blessings in all aspects of my life.

Yes, indeed, the intelligence of the activity teaches us how to be intelligent in the activity!  Thank you, Master Nance!  Thank you, Universe!  Thank you, Divine Source!


©Nancy Havera 2018

Red Bird

In the middle of chaos, confusion, darkness, there always seems to be a light. Sometimes that light will show up through the people around you, sometimes that light will come through an experience. I’ve learned when things seem to be not at their brightest, there is opportunity also on the horizon. I know that if I’m patient, and I keep focused on whatever it is I am looking for, at some point, it will surface. It’s not always easy to be in a situation where you think things will happen a certain way and they don’t.  What I’m talking about with you all comes from my own experience. I’m an expert in my experience in as much as I know, but I’m not always on the mark when it comes to others. I find it very difficult to be in that position. So, what I’ve learned to do as I work to be of service to others is- I don’t place myself in the position of knowing. A major gift to me is this statement made by Master Chunyi Lin (founder of SFQ), he said: “If you are successful in healing, it’s not your fault; if you’re unsuccessful in healing it’s not your fault.”


The challenge is to remain objective throughout that process. Responsibility is really such a huge load. Our idea of a satisfactory outcome seems to be limited by our inability to take all of the elements of the task at hand into consideration. I remember one time I was working with someone who had cancer all over their body, this person was a friend of mine; he came into the office and sat down, in a couple of hours he had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic. As we were sitting there talking in the office I heard a bird at the window. I didn’t really pay close attention to it, but then the person that was with him said, “Look at that red bird sitting in the window! It’s an amazing bird!” As I looked behind me to the window I saw this bright flash of red pass in front of my eyes. All of a sudden this smile came over my face; I just knew something was going to happen. I didn’t know what. I didn’t know at all. So, I told him just relax and we’ll get started, and I started working with his energy. I felt energy move. I smelled energy move.  I knew that something had happened, but I didn’t know what. I told him to give me a call later and let me know. He left and went down to the Mayo Clinic and had an evaluation. They found that all of the cancer was gone; all of it! I had no idea this was going to take place, nor did I have any idea of what actually occurred during the healing session. But I knew; I truly knew that the red bird in the window had an impact on our session. Before I could even see it, it was affecting what was going on in the room. And that seems to be the way of things.


There are so many elements involved, especially with healing, with health, and with energy, that it’s hard to identify what will tilt the scales to make a difference. I do know that whenever I feel like I have to carry the total responsibility for what occurs, that feeling, that way of thinking, throws me into an attitude of a perfectionist, I have to get everything right, I have to do everything correctly! I become so busy with the I-have-to’s that I can’t hear what is going on around me, I can’t see what’s going on in me and in the other person, and I can’t listen clearly. So I say to myself- wait a minute, the responsibility for health and healing is not on my shoulders. Because while I’m working to help someone else be healthy, someone is taking care of me. My eyes are blinking, my hair is growing, my heart is beating, my blood is running smoothly; I’m receiving unconditional love from every part of my body, from the planet, from everywhere! This is something I constantly bring up for myself.


The sense of responsibility that I carry on my shoulders at times seems so big because I’m looking at it from the perspective of a small mind. When the mind is small, it’s like using a small radio, and the radio has a small antenna, which can’t really pick up a whole lot. It’s like listening to that radio while being shut in a closet, cut off from the rest of the world, shut in away from everything. When I allow myself to let the weight of responsibility off of my shoulders, the magnificence of that freedom allows success, not only in the area of healing, I also experience it in the area of meditation, and in my own life.


It’s important to realize how truly connected we are, especially when situations come up where we have the opportunity to be of service to someone else. Being of service to someone else is the same as being of service to oneself. When we get caught up in the role of responsibility it can really get in the way, because all of a sudden we become intellectuals, we start to dissect everything, and this throws us into a role of a disintegrated approach because we are looking at smaller and smaller pieces of the puzzle. When I can feel that another person is just as much a part of me as my hand, then I can begin to see all of the things that are at work in me, automatically, to keep things going. And I realize that these things are not just in me, but all around me, and I can no longer separate who I am from the person that’s standing in front of me in total. I have to always acknowledge that everyone is there for a reason, and that’s when I begin to discover the gifts; not mine, but theirs. Often times, it’s the gift of being able to assimilate a certain kind of information.


As a healer, when the person you are working with gains the ability to assimilate the information energetically, that is when the healing actually takes place. Knowing that this is the dynamic that’s at work can help the process, because your intent will influence your outcome. Your intent will help you to call on the resources you need because you will clearly be able to identify them in a way that is most helpful to the situation, and this will bring up the result you are looking for. This is why when people think they are totally helpless in a situation, they can come to find out they are not, and these are also the times when your gifts begin to surface. Seeing the world in this way; understanding the world in this way can take practice and time.


The spirit of perfection makes it hard to hear the voice of the Divine. Look for compassion and the purity of service, not passion for self-seeking experiences. As you are of service to others ask for guidance and look for a way to serve those that are in front of you. Look for something that honors the oneness of us all in the situation. Look to put responsibility where it clearly belongs; in the hands of that which controls whether or not your eyes blink, whether or not your heart beats; and learn to ask for healing at times when it is hard for you to do so.


This excerpt was taken from the Guiding Qi Talk "If You Make Your Bed In Heaven"
Transcribed and edited by N.J.Nance



By Master Jim Nance

From rural Japan today,


A path of Light,

in the forest.


pointing the way Home.

A river rumbling,

with the sound of the Divine.



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