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See the outcome long before you get there.

When I was in Africa, a man said to me, “You know, you do work that sometimes is dangerous.” He was speaking of the time I was working in Philadelphia, with street kids. There were times that I was called on to help because violence was getting ready to take place. When I first took this job, I was eighteen years old; my life was threatened every day for the first two or three months. So, this guy in Africa, he could see into my past. And he told me, whenever you walk into a dangerous situation with no plan, you need to respond with some degree of intelligence. So, whenever you know you are ready to walk into a situation, it may help, not all of the time, but it may help to plan for the situation you are walking into. You can do this by educating the place. See an outcome long before you get there.

If the outcome you need is to calm the environment, to provide for the experience of peace, see all of that occurring. And see something special walking with you as you are going into it. This has worked for me many, many times. The future is a place; the past is a place; they both have memories. So, you can project a thought into the future; and the future remembers it as its past and you walk into that experience. You can have an impact on people and the environment.

*These words are an excerpt from a teleseminar titled "Memory of a Place" The complete recording can be found at edited by NJ Nance

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