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Forgiveness and Healing The Divide

All of a sudden you begin to realize that you can forgive yourself and your past, and forgive the world in its affect; and you begin to realize that all of the things that were in your way have started to lose their significance.

What becomes vitally important is that you are moving into a place of peace; moving into an attitude of trust. And when you learn the forgiveness of yourself, you learn to let yourself ‘off the hook’, which is so beautiful, because the act of forgiveness means that you are willing to experience whatever sensation it is that’s going on.

When you make a decision to do that, you make a decision to experience the unconditional love which accompanies your willingness.

So, when you forgive the past of your life in this willingness to experience whatever it is that is coming along, unconditional love is a consciousness, it’s an intelligence that awakens in you, and supports you in that effort. All of a sudden, you find the healing you need.

And the connection you need to know is on the way, because you begin to experience the touch of unconditional love; that awakening is so profound.

The divide is far greater than the distance between me and another person. The divide is between me and the intelligence that made me. When I heal that divide, the vibration moves everywhere.

-Excerpt transcribed from the live Guiding Qi Talks "Healing the Divide-8/24/17 (find the full recorded lecture here)

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